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Glynn County School System

Georgia’s Education Schoolboard
This official state Scoreboard provides education stakeholders, i.e. parents, educators, business and government leaders, and community-based organizations, with a straightforward indication of student achievement in Georgia, from pre-kindergarten through postsecondary education.

National Center For Education Stats
NCES is the primary federal entity for collecting and analyzing data that are related to education in the United States and other nations. is your objective source of school information on elementary, middle and high schools.

Churches – Brunswick

First Baptist Church
708 Mansfield St.
[ai_phone href=”+1.912.265.4150″]912.265.4150[/ai_phone]
First Baptist Brunswick

St. Francis Xavier Church
405 Howe St.
[ai_phone href=”+1.912.265.3249″]912.265.3249[/ai_phone]

Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church
900 Gloucester Street
[ai_phone href=”+1.912.265.0600″]912.265.0600[/ai_phone]
St. Mark’s

Unitarian Universalist of Coastal Ga.
1710 Gloucester St.
[ai_phone href=”+1.912.265.9424″]912.265.9424[/ai_phone]
Synagogues – Brunswick

Temple Beth Tefilloh
1326 Egmont St.
[ai_phone href=”+1.912.265.7575″]912.265.7575[/ai_phone]
Beth Tefilloh
Churches – Jekyll

Jekyll Island Baptist Chapel
501 Riverview Dr.
Jekyll Island
[ai_phone href=”+1.912.635.2355″]912.635.2355[/ai_phone]

Jekyll Island United Methodist
503 Riverview Dr.
Jekyll Island
[ai_phone href=”+1.912.635.2330″]912.635.2330[/ai_phone]

Jekyll Presbyterian Community Church
500 Riverview Dr.
Jekyll Island
[ai_phone href=”+1.912.635.2123″]912.635.2123[/ai_phone]

Jekyll Presbyterian
Churches – St. Simons Island

First African Baptist Church
5800 Frederica Rd.
St. Simons Island
[ai_phone href=”+1.912.638.3337″]912.638.3337[/ai_phone]
First Baptist Church of St. Simons
729 Ocean Blvd.
St. Simons Island
[ai_phone href=”+1.912.635.2123″]912.635.2123[/ai_phone]

First Baptist St. Simons

Christ Church Episcopal
6329 Frederica Rd.
St. Simons Island
[ai_phone href=”+1.912.638.8683″]912.638.8683[/ai_phone]
Christ Church

St. Simons Community Church
2700 Frederica Road
St. Simons Island
[ai_phone href=”+1.912.634.7040″]912.634.7040[/ai_phone]
Community Church

St. Simons Presbyterian Church
205 Kings Way
St. Simons Island
[ai_phone href=”+1.912.638.2220″]912.638.2220[/ai_phone]
Presbyterian Church

St. William Catholic Church
2300 Frederica Rd.
St. Simons Island
[ai_phone href=”+1.912.638.2647″]912.638.2647[/ai_phone]
St. William

Wesley United Methodist Church at Frederica
6520 Frederica Road
St. Simons Island
[ai_phone href=”+1.912.634.1412″]912.634.1412[/ai_phone]
Wesley United Methodist