Anne Popham


Are your prepared?

If not make preparations now so you will be ready should your area have a mandatory evacuation due to a hurricane. Don’t delay Hurricane season began June 1 and goes through November 30th.

FEMA recommends these steps to get ready

Collect information
Make a Plan & Work the Plan

Have you ever wondered how storms get their names? The World Meteorological Organization is responsible for developing the names for both the Northern Pacific and Atlantic storms. There are six list of names which rotates each year. If a hurricane does major damage then that name is retired and replaced with one starting with the same letter. The names alternate between male and female names and are listed alphabetically. However Q, U, X, Y and Z are omitted.

Names are only given to tropical storms that have sustained winds higher than 39 mph.The name will remain with the storm as it reaches hurricane strength which is maximum sustained winds of 74 mph or higher.

Names for 2019 have been recycled from 2013

  1. Andrea
  2. Barry
  3. Chantal
  4. Dorian
  5. Erin
  6. Fernand
  7. Gabrielle
  8. Humberto
  9. Imelda
  10. Jerry
  11. Karen
  12. Lorenzo
  13. Melissa
  14. Nestor
  15. Olga
  16. Pablo
  17. Rebekah
  18. Sebastian
  19. Tanya
  20. Van
  21. Wendy

Check back as we will discuss How to Collect Information.